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Welcome to the starting point of an artistic journey with a contemporary view, based on self development

..Our Main Courses

Comprehensive program

In the visual arts...

   Contain several intensive development courses that include the basics of drawing, coloring and shaping using most popular materials and techniques of visual arts. The program targets various categories at different levels each time. 

The art of Sculpture..

The focus in this course is on shaping with clay and training the basic shaping methods.

The Live Drawing and Painting Course.

A course that develops the skills of drawing models and portraits from reality. The course contains intensive exercises on the use of charcoal and oil colors in drawing and photography. The trainee is trained on simplified systems suitable for all levels.. 

mixed media course

A course that enables the trainee to activate materials and textures to produce integrated artworks. More than 8 different techniques will be trained.

Live Model Sculpting with Clay..

Learn to shape and create a 3D head with clay directly from the model in easy and simple ways..

Charcoal portrait drawing course.

Drawing face from different angles step by step with details using charcoal drawing techniques..

Shaping Clay on The Pottery Wheel  ..

Training the basic methods of molding clay on the wheel step by step...

Oil Paint Portrait Course..

Drawing the face from different angles step by step with details using oil coloring techniques and practicing the formation of different skin tones.

Drawing techniques with Graphite course.

Practicing shadow and light values using graphite pencil drawing techniques to form a three-dimensional drawing.

The art of pouring and Marbling..

An intensive and interesting study to apply impressive results to the techniques of delamination and pouring, suitable for all levels..

OIL / Soft Pastel Drawing Course..

Training the techniques of drawing with oil and soft pastels using impressionism or realistic style in simple and successful way..

Acrylic Painting Course.

Training the techniques of coloring with acrylic colors from a real picture step by step under the supervision of the trainer..

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